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Real-life Ponyo Village Saves Bay From Destruction

TBS News is reporting that the town used as a model for the setting of Ponyo, Tomo no Ura, has managed to stop the destruction of part of the now world-famous bay. It seems that Hiroshima prefecture wanted to build a bridge across the bay and fill in a portion of the waterfront to create land for a parking lot and other amenities. Leaving the not-so-subtle irony of burying Ponyo’s bay for the sake of parking aside, the residents of Tomo no Ura were angry enough about the environmental destruction and associated eyesore that they sued the prefecture to stop the project. The court handed down a decision in favor of Tomo no Ura, so it looks like the bay will remain as pictured by Miyazaki for the foreseeable future.

Miyazaki said during a public appearance that he was pleased with the court’s decision.