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RightStuf Holiday Sale Underway

I have sort of a love-hate relationship with RightStuf around the Holiday season. On one hand, I love how ridiculously cheap some of their sale prices are—we’re talking fell-off-the-back-of-a-truck, competes-with-bootleg-Hong-Kong-crap-on-eBay cheap here. On the other, it routinely bankrupts me every Christmas.

And, slightly ahead of schedule, they’ve been counting down to their pre-Black Friday Holiday Sale, and the last batch of stuff is now online.  If you haven’t already had a look, there are (as usual) some incredible deals mixed in there.

Best bets: A bunch of Blu-ray box sets from Sentai Filmworks are at 50-60% off (which is as cheap as you’ll find them anywhere, including used), a lot of Funimation S.A.V.E. editions are $10 or less (also as-cheap-as-they-get), some really old ADV discs (like MAPS [review] or SIN: The Movie [reivew]) are less than three bucks (yes, $3), the funky one-shot Space Travelers [review] is a whopping $1.99 (I’ve payed more than that to rent a new release), Allison and Lillia season 1 [review] and season 2 [review] are a paltry $12.50 each, Puni Puni Poemy [review] and Kekko Kamen [review] are $4 for the pair, those never-on-sale Premium Edition box sets from NIS are, in fact, on sale in the case of Arakawa Under The Bridge (BD/DVD combo) at a nice 40% off retail for both seasons, and if you’re feeling particularly wealthy you can get yourself the entire (upscaled, sadly) R.O.D. Blu-ray set (TV and OVA both [review]) for a hundred bucks, which is half off the outrageous Aniplex just-like-import limited edition price.

The best buy, though, is the entire series of Daphne in the Brilliant Blue [review] for $15.  If you don’t own that yet, you cannot get more malicious awesome per dollar than that.

Warning:  If you start looking through the list, a lot of the stuff is so cheap you’re liable to do what I did and start going berserk buying stuff you had no intention at all of getting just because it’s too cheap to pass up and will look good on your shelf.  It’s a great way to go broke “saving money.”

(Incidentally, those prices are so low we don’t get an affiliate cut of anything, so there’s no benefit in pointing out the awesome deals to you other than wanting to share the “joy,” although if you buy something else to go with your preposterously cheap order through one of those links while you’re at it you help keep AAW running.)