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New Review: Fire Tripper

Just (finally) got Chainclaw’s take on Fire Tripper posted. It’s one of the classic Rumik World series of one-shots, which I remember always having on my “to get next time I put in an order” wish list back in the VHS era (Maris the Chojo in particular), but never got around to actually ordering.

Mermaid Forest (the old movie, not the newer TV series), another in the Rumik World series (and the only one available for rent where I live), was among my favorite films of the era, and this has rekindled my curiosity in the series. Time to track down a copy one way or another and see if I should be cursing the me of the past for missing good stuff.

A whole heap of other reviews from Chainclaw and Matt are still in the pipeline, plus several of my own suffering from can’t-quite-get-it-finished-itis.