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Dragon Warrior Does The Real World

I don’t generally comment on such things, but this year’s Google April fool joke is about as close to an anime reference as they’re likely to get—they’ve added a full-globe 8-bit Dragon Warrior homage to Google Maps, including wandering monsters.

Thus far I’ve run across a Goldman hiding in the mountains near Red Bluff, CA, a bigfoot (not technically a DW1 enemy) near Mt. Everest, A Demon Knight near¬†Dhurkot, Nepal, and a Wolflord near¬†Gretna, UK.

There are also custom icons for lots of famous landmarks—Mt. Fuji, Tokyo Tower, the White House, and such. Japan’s trees are cherry trees, as well.

Amusing unintended reference: For those familiar with the classic NES game Nobunaga’s Ambition (there’s a jazzed-up version for iOS now), you might remember that Shingen’s home town in the region west of Tokyo is Kai. Well, I do, anyway, because I was playing as him having no idea that I’d be marrying into the region fifteen years later. In modern times there’s a municipal area in Yamanashi still called that, although it only shows up at one particular zoom level. When I went to poke around the area, I saw a town labeled Kai, which immediately brought back fond memories of conquering Japan in 8-bit style.

One Response to “Dragon Warrior Does The Real World”

  1. Chainclaw Says:

    I’m certainly familiar with Dragon Warrior. It was the first RPG I ever played. Back in the days where going from one town to the next required at least an hour of grinding and 70% of the game required a strategy guide to get any progress. Dragon Warrior stands out to me as one of the hardest and most tedious RPG’s ever made.

    I’ve never played Nobunaga’s ambition. I got my first taste of conquering Japan on the PC with the game “Shogun: Total War”, in 2000. That’s one of my all time favorites, and it’s 2011 sequel is pretty good too.