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Drunken Reveler Flambes Self, News Runs Hilarious Reenactment

Everyone knows that smoking is hazardous to your health, but it turns out adding a whole lot of Tequila to the mix is even worse as an unlucky partier discovered in the wee hours of May 12th.

The incident occurred after 4:30am in a bar and restaurant on the third floor of a building in the Yuuraku district of Tokyo. The pub had closed for the night, but a half-dozen employees were joined by the 27-year-old manager of an establishment on the 7th floor for some after-hours partying. The rowdy bunch doused themselves in Tequila and Vodka while drinking the same, and the manager ended up plastered, naked, and covered in booze.

He then made the mistake of trying to light a cigarette. Apparently the mix of high-proof alcohol and open flame caused him to burst into flames. The poor fellow survived to tell the tale, but was severely burned.

The Metropolitan Police are investigating the details of the accident, and the victim has apologized for the trouble caused by his own stupidity.

Although the victim probably doesn’t think it’s very funny, FNN’s online report (J) features an artist’s rendition of the accident, which may be the best news graphic ever. Replicated here for your amusement:

Do not try this at home (or work, for that matter).

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