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Harry Potter Does Japan

Not to be outdone by the Pirates of the Caribbean stars’ Japan appearance, the latest Harry Potter film’s premier was celebrated in Tokyo’s posh Roppongi Hills district.

Order of the Phoenix’s Harry Potter himself, Daniel Radcliffe, appeared along with one of the film’s producers for a brief public appearance, including some reasonably well-pronounced Japanese from the young star. The appearance ended with a real life “lumos maximus,” with Radcliffe’s exclamation turning on a 14m (45 ft) wide, 600m (2000 ft) tall tower of light composed of 29 searchlights pointed straight up.

Some video from Yahoo! Japan’s PR section:

What they said:

David Heyman: “I am this film’s producer, David Heyman. I am grateful for everyone in Japan’s support of the movie.”

Daniel Radcliffe: “Hello, everybody in Japan. I am Daniel Radcliffe. Japanese fans are the best. Thank you for coming.”

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