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Hinomoto Oniko: Moe Meets Racial Slur

This is one of those times when otaku do something that’s somewhere between impressive and tragically oblivious.

Apparently, as the Internet tells it, there is a racial slur in China targeted at things Japanese written using the following characters: 日本鬼子; it roughly means “Japanese devil.” These characters also exist in Japanese, but don’t come across as meaning quite the same thing; in particular, the character 鬼 is oni, the traditional Japanese ogres we all know and love from Urusei Yatsura and any number of other anime incarnations.

Now, it also happens that in Japanese that looks a bit like a name: Hinomoto Oniko. Which, once you think of it that way, is a pretty badass-sounding name; were it a real name, it would mean something like “Japanese Child of the Oni.” And then you give that to otaku, and you get this:

Oniko Hinomoto

This is just one of dozens (#46, specifically) at the below-linked site; it doesn't give an artist credit.

The page from which this illustration came makes an attempt at aggregating well over a hundred moe-fueled examples—some quite skillful—of interpretations of the person that the name would fit.  #9 is particularly cool, and even includes a subtle tiger-print UY nod.

It’s not entirely clear whether this is a clever subversion of an insult or a comically tragic example of the contextual ignorance that happens when you throw otaku at pretty much anything—rule 34 and the laws of moe work their magic on it.

Either way, it’s pretty funny, and there is some nifty art in the gallery.

[Linguistic footnote: Hinomoto Oniko is the Japanese order; her family name would be the fictional Hinomoto (written with the same characters as "Japan"), and her given name would be the unsurprisingly-fictional "Oniko" ("child of the oni"). The name would also be female, since it ends with the character "ko."]

One Response to “Hinomoto Oniko: Moe Meets Racial Slur”

  1. Ghostwriter Says:

    Sometime ago,I watched a little bit of an anime called “Chrono Crusade.” I also read a good deal of the manga the anime it was based on. It was mostly about a nun and a demon fighting other demons in an alternate 1920’s era America. I thought to myself “Wouldn’t it be great if they have an anime similar to this but in contemporary America?”
    Think of it! A teenage Japanese girl and an American teenage boy joining a top secret organization to fight demons and monsters in present-day America. And many of the demons and monsters could be based of the mythologies and folklore of other nations. Since there are people not just from Japan but also from Korea,China,Vietnam,the UK,Germany,Ireland,Central and South America and elsewhere who live in America,it would be great. Also,would be the Japanese manga artist and/or anime makers skill in creating imaginative monsters would make the experience even more special.

    What do you think,Marc?