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Rice Field Becomes Giant Artwork

FNN is reporting (J) on a dramatic rice field in Aomori prefecture.

Hokusai Katsushika‘s image of waves and Mt. Fuji is recognized worldwide, but the village of Inakadate produced what may well be the largest tribute ever: A rice-field sized version of it. Every year for the past 15, the town has planted a field with many different varieties of rice that produce a massive work of art as the rice plants mature. One field features “The Great Wave off Kanagawa,” while an adjacent field has “Red Fuji,” which is part of the same series of prints by Katsushika.

The reproduction measures 143m by 104m (470 by 340 feet), and took about 700 people to plant. The field isn’t just for show; the rice will be harvested at the end of September.

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