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Dirty Pair TV: Good Stuff

When RightStuf announced their two Dirty Pair TV series box sets I pre-ordered mine pretty much that day.  The first one arrived recently, and I just got around to watching a bit. Man is that a fun show. When you see an action show with a date like 1985 on the box, you might expect something with less of the polished, frenetic spectacle of high-energy modern shows. You would be sorely mistaken in this case.

Seriously, the first episode starts off with zero backstory or lead-in—it hits the ground running at full speed, and does not stop until the credits roll. In terms of frantic, end-to-end, to-the-limit, extreme action, I would put that 25 minutes up against just about any episode, of any show, of any era, in any medium. Nor does it disappoint in the epic-scale collateral damage that earned the Dirty Pair their name, although only a little bit of it is their fault. Forget xXx—these girls were doing that stuff when Vin Diesel was still in high school.

Being a general fan of light, frantic, extreme action, I’ll close by quoting the immortal words of the Outpost.com spokesman: That’s good stuff.