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Platinum Gundam Making The Rounds

A promotional photo of the Platinum Gundam.

An outrageously expensive solid-platinum Gundam model that was in the news a few months back has hit TBS News (J) again. It’s begun a tour of Ginza Tanaka jewelry stores around Japan—not the sort of place you’d usually expect to see such a classic symbol of Geekdom, the scale Gundam model.

For those who missed it, Bandai decided to have what is likely the most expensive Gundam model in the world made—the “Gundam Fix Platinum.” Solid platinum and studded with a 0.15 carat diamond, the model is composed of 189 pieces, stands 12.5 cm (just shy of 5 inches) tall and weighs in at an amazing 1.4 kg (over 3 pounds)—platinum is dense stuff.

The project was dreamed up by Gundam franchise owner Bandai and produced by Tanaka Kikinzoku Jewelry, and took two years to craft. According to TBS News, it is valued at 30 million yen (US$260,000), although it’s not for sale. Probably a good thing, to protect Gundam nuts with too much money from themselves.

It also gets credit for what may be the world’s most expensive bad pun; the Japanese abbreviation for “plastic model” is “pura-moderu,” which could also be shorthand for what it is, a “purachina-moderu.”

It is currently on display in Fukuoka, and will be traveling to five of Ginza Tanaka’s other stores around the country.