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Amazon Blu-ray Sale (and our coming reviews)

I’m hoping to add a number of blu-ray reviews to the site in the very near future, but I want to get it right before going live. I’m hoping to do some side-by-side image quality comparisons with the DVD version, so you can get an idea if you’re actually paying for some improvement or just for the fancy box. (The Gunbuster “movie,” for example, is remastered but has absolutely no business being on blu-ray—it just looks extra-blurry in comparison; Akira actually has something to gain from the added resolution of the format, plus the uber-fancy audio they spend several pages of the booklet talking up.)

However, the actual purpose of this is to mention that Amazon is running a big blu-ray sale for the next couple of weeks, and I didn’t want to let the good anime buys mixed in to go unmentioned.  The best deals (at least 40% off, which is about as low as I can find them anywhere, plus free shipping if you spend at least $25): Paprika ($23.50), Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles ($15, good movie!), Vexille (Special Edition) ($17.50), plus Afro Samurai ($15), Dead Space: Downfall ($15.50), and all of the Dragon Ball Z double features ($17.50 or less). They also have Tekkon Kinkreet at 40% off, but you can probably find it cheaper elsewhere.

Full disclosure: We get a cut if you buy through these links. That doesn’t make them any less good of a deal, though.