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Dog-Raised Tiger Has Outgrown Mom

A few months back there was a news story on a motherless baby Bengal Tiger who was “adopted” by a French Bulldog (our past mention, and video). How have things been going for this unlikely pairing?

FNN supplies an update. The lively little tiger and its surrogate parent are, in fact, doing just fine. The now four-month-old tiger has certainly grown, measuring 70 cm (28 inches) long and weighing in at 12kg (26 lbs)—3kg (7 lbs) more than “mom.”

She’s still doing a fine job caring for her not-so-little bundle of joy, but according to one of the keepers interviewed by FNN it’s getting to the point where they’re going to have to separate them. Not surprisingly, at some point a rambunctious growing tiger goes from being a handful to a danger to its undersized parent.

The plan, however, is to put them in adjacent cages so they can at least see each other, if not wrestle around.

Here’s a brief FNN video update, sans subtitles.