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Toyama Kouichi Follow-up

For those wondering what the revolutionary candidate for Governor of Tokyo is up to these days, he just landed himself in jail for what you might call a tiny act of revolution.

FNN is reporting (J) that Toyama was arrested for failing to pay a pair of traffic fines to the city of Kagoshima. It seems that back in January of 2006, Toyama got a ticket for riding his minibike the wrong way down a one-way street, then another in July for doing a modest 20km/h over the speed limit.

The fines totaled 15,000 yen (about US$123), but Toyama failed to pay them and then proceeded to ignore over ten summons to appear before the court. Eventually they issued a warrant for his arrest. He is said to be continuing his revolt of one, refusing to cooperate with police investigators and remaining silent since his arrest.